“Dear Santa,”

           "I hope you can Find Us this year"

                     "Can You please come and see me?"

                            "I believe in You"

                                        "It's been a Bad Year"

                                                   "Could You Bring me some socks?"

                                                           "I hope you are not sick again this year"

                                                                      "Please don't forget us"

                                                                                 "I've Never Had a present from you"



The letters above, received over the years, have continually touched our hearts. By doing so, they serve as a reminder, year after year, delivery after delivery, of what Santa’s Cause is all about. The thought of a parent so desperate that she must tell a child that Santa is ill might motivate us almost as much as the thought of that child’s wishful face peering through a dirty window on Christmas morning in a desperate hope that maybe, just maybe, Santa is only running late. Santa's Cause wants to make sure that child is not disappointed!

Santa's Cause
Santa's Cause

Each December, hundreds of volunteers gather in an unmarked, donated warehouse in OKC to read hundreds of letters written to Santa that have been secretly submitted for a surprise delivery. The letters are submitted by third parties—mostly teachers—who know that Santa's visit could really be a boost and possibly the only way for Christmas to happen for these families.  Toys are wrapped and tagged "Do not open until Christmas!" and placed in a large bag with many other items, including a Bible, a smoke alarm, calculators, school supplies, blankets, hats and gloves, and a Little Golden Book of The Christmas Story.


The huge, over-stuffed bags are loaded into cars, and Santa himself leads a joyful group of volunteers, each wearing a Santa hat, to knock on doors of unsuspecting households and let them know that they have not been forgotten by Santa or this group of caring strangers.

They enter the household and hand out the gifts, one by one, and before the visit is done, they take time for hugs and to share that the reason for their visit is this one clear message: Santa tells them, "I love you and Jesus loves you."  We want everyone to know this and be of good cheer on Christmas!

Before the visit is over, Santa reads our book, Santa's Cause: Celebrating Santa's Favorite Gift. We want each and every family we visit to know that no matter what their circumstances, they can celebrate Santa's favorite gift on Christmas day...

"Now even though Santa delivers these treasures,

He knows that this birthday is our greatest of pleasures.

Of all the gifts from Santa that you so love,

The best gift was sent from heaven above."

-Excerpt from Santa's Cause, Celebrating Santa's Favorite Gift

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Santa's Cause

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About Us

Established in 1985 in Oklahoma City by Alan and Anita Webb

Santa's Cause, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is an all-volunteer organization providing an anonymous response to children's letters to Santa that would otherwise go unanswered. (We do not want to be a supplemental Christmas service.) We receive most of our requests after other organizations offering help at Christmas have completed their season. All of our letters to Santa are received from pre-approved third-party referring individuals such as teachers, counselors, etc. We do not accept letters from the general public.

Santa's Cause has delivered toys and clothing to thousands of children in the Oklahoma City metropolitan and surrounding areas. Since 1985, we have grown from seven couples helping 58 kids to more than 600 volunteers and contributors helping as many as 1,800 kids each year.

Our only goal each year is to deliver gifts to each and every child who writes a letter requesting help to one of our pre-approved third-party referring individuals—counselors, teachers, etc. Thanks to the support of donors and volunteers, we have never left a letter unanswered.

We take pride in the fact that every dollar donated to Santa's Cause goes toward the cause. We do not pay for rent (space is donated), utilities, or help, and no individual or organization is compensated for services. Each and every dollar is used to purchase supplies, clothing, toys, batteries, or wrapping paper.

Because we are a "last resort" organization, we seldom know in advance to what extent our help will be required. Some years, we are making deliveries until late on Christmas Eve, and many years we have run out of money, requiring that we call on donors and volunteers with an urgent plea for help, always receiving whatever we require to complete the response to the remaining letters. When we have excess funds, we have volunteer shoppers who shop sales after Christmas for the next year, which allows us to stretch donated dollars. 

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