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Our letters to santa

We receive letters to Santa from pre-approved referring professional third parties—mostly teachers, counselors and social workers—who know that the families they are referring are in desperate need and submit these letters anonymously.  We do not accept letters from individuals directly. We do not accept letters mailed or emailed to us. Our guidelines allow us to remain anonymous while delivering and surprising the referred families. Some letters we have received in the past are in the gallery below. 

We do not accept letters from the general public or from unapproved third parties. 

dec2007fromphotographer 003

Dear Santa...

Could I have a bike for Christmas? All my friends have bikes and I have to run along beside them when they go riding.
Lisa (12)

I wish for you to bring me some new clothes the kids at school laugh at me.
Jauncita (9)

I want a Mickey Motor Cross bike I haven't ever had a bike and if you can please make the doctors leave me alone cause it don't feel good.
Joaezy (4)

Can you get me a Christmas Tree? Can you come to my house? Can you fix my bike? Can you get me some clothes? Can you get my sister Jamie some clothes, she doesn't have much clothes? Hers little. Can you get me some shoes? And we need tissue for our nose.
Farrah (6)

I could also need some clothes because I hardly don't have any this winter I might need a jacket because the one I have has holes and the cold air goes in. I know I've ask you for a lot of things but if you could only bring me one thing I would be very thankful.
Sonny (6)

I know that these two wishes are to much to ask but they might cone true some day.
Pedro (5)

I never thought as an adult I would be writing a letter to you, but on behalf of my children, I have to...
Barbara (Mother)

Help my family if you can.
Marketta (12)

I want a bow for my Mothers hair. And I would take it to the hospital to give it to her.
Shelly (6)

I thank you for what ever you get me.
Darrissa (10)

I want a bed with legs for Christmas.
Freddy (7)

dec2007fromphotographer 009

For Christmas I want a G.I Joe General I try to collect them but I can't get any...
Richard (9)

I also have a baby sister who is 14 months old, bring her some toys please, she doesn't have any.
Mellisa (7)

I am eight years old. My mother is having a hard time trying to buy me something for Christmas. Everytime she gets some money she have to put it on a bill for some food.
Erica (8)

My mom went to Family Dollar and she got her purse stolen and I want to make Christmas for my family.
Daniel (6)

I am very sad this year because I won't have a Christmas this year unless you can help...Thank You Santa for your help. Please answer real soon. We love you and God Bless you very much.
Lone and Gavin (8 & 5)

Thank you for the stuff you've been doing. I want a Ninja Turtle and I would like my momma to get a flower.
Terry (6)